How we put in the top 10 e-commerce software website in Europe and the United States
We promoted a website selling software to the search Top.

The main purpose was to promote the company website with organic search in four different regions – Germany, Italy, Russia, and the USA. There was no optimization previously, so the strategy was created regarding this fact.
What we did:
○ We created 4 different domains for each country.
○ Each market was analyzed and the site is optimized for its target audience.
○ Competitor analysis allowed us to understand how to work with a backlink profile and make an optimal anchor-list and link types relation (dofollow/nofollow).
○ We lead work on website registration in different software catalogs as well.
The result:
✔️ In just 5 months we were able to increase traffic from organic output to 5,200+ unique users.
✔️ Put the site in the top 10 in Europe and the United States for more than 3000 keywords.
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