Customsocks - Manufacturer of branded socks. How to increase sales on 46%!
Advertising in Google Ads for a B2B e-commerce business that produces branded custom socks. The main clients of the business are IT companies in the US and Canada. The main goals are to increase the number of conversions, improve their quality, and keep the cost per lead no higher than $100.
What was done:
A deep analysis of the results of advertising campaigns for the year was carried out. After the analysis, the following changes were made to advertising campaigns in Google Ads:
  • Rates have been adjusted by gender and age;
  • Hourly ad campaign schedule set up;
  • Adjusted bids by device;
  • Disabled cities and regions where there were no conversions.
Created separate search campaigns with exact and broad match keywords with different CPAs.
With the help of analytics services, sales were analyzed by keywords, which made it possible to exclude keywords that led to low-quality leads.
A smart advertising campaign was launched in the Display Network with payment for conversions.
Launch remarketing campaigns in Display Network and YouTube.
The result:
Increased leads by 46% and ad conversion rates by 17.39%. The conversion cost remained at the same level and did not exceed the set $100 (it was 83$).
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