Nushina - Top 1 Manufacturer of women's shoes in online
The project is a well-known manufacturer of women's shoes and clothes in Ukraine. The main sales channel is an Instagram account. All ads are directed to private messages on Instagram and increase account followers. We have been working on this project for two years, and the cooperation continues.
The current advertising budget is 10 thousand dollars, and we started with 3 thousand dollars. Similarly, the price per message changes depending on the season. The average price is about 2.5$.
What was done:
Advertising strategy development
Instagram Ads setup
Advertising sales and promotional offers
Launched remarketing for page subscribers
Constant optimization of advertising campaigns
Experimenting (A/B testing) and selecting the most effective strategy
The result:
While working with the Instagram account, we were able to increase the number of subscribers to 306 thousand users with the help of advertising.
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